Portfolio of products and services

Our offering covers three needs categories



We offer methods for communicating complex information in simple terms as well as an IT solution for reducing the effort required for creating presentations.



1. Content

Are you looking to create convincing B2B presentations that will help you achieve your goals?


Gold Edition Workshop
Strategy Workshop
Big Deal Coaching
Company Presentation
Product Presentation


2. Skills

Are you looking to equip your employees with the methods required for problem analysis and communication?


Structuring Workshop
Visualising Workshop
Virtual Class
Big Event / Presentation
Universities / Sponsoring
Book (Corporate Edition)


3. Tool

Are you looking for a tool that will help speed up your employees’ work in PowerPoint and ensure CD-compliance?


VCT Training
Mekko Graphics

  • “Strongly recommended – Managers who invest time in this approach can expect a valuable return.” – Dr. Christian P. Illek, CHRO Deutsche Telekom

  • “Thousands of employees at our company work with PowerPoint. Thanks to VCT we can now produce great slides in less time” – Board Member for IT solutions for banks and retailers

  • “To generate revenue you need to have a great product. But to have people understand it requires presenting it in a simple way. We are indebted to steercom for being able to produce such presentations” – Global Head of Product Development at a large international Telco Operator

  • “Resolving complex issues and communicating in simple terms – whoever manages to achieve these things will get ahead” – CEO of a global software company