Relationship Sells

From account planning to closing – the whole sales process in one workshop

Managing Director

…seeks a unified approach within the team to win big B2B tickets

Key Accounter

…does not want to train, but to work on a real opportunity as a team


…has the experience to penetrate an account, rerate the opportunity, set up the power map, develop the storyline and accompany the rehearsal…all virtually


  • Quality

  • All sessions with supervision by Prof. Ingo Kett
  • real pitch in front of real DAX board

  • Time

  • 7 sessions of 3 hours each on zoom
  • 6 teamwork sessions in small groups on MIRO
  • As classroom event: 3 days

  • Price

  • 1,500 € per participant, minimum 10 persons, maximum 16 persons virtual
  • 2,700 € for attendance event