Selection from and production of a collection of CD-conformant structuring elements

Head of Sales

… wants to give the sales team high-quality set of materials, both conceptually and substantively

Head of Branding

… wants to free up the time of the knowledge workers in the company

Head of Knowledge Management

… wants to make available to the knowledge workers methods, icons, images and similar that can add substantive value to the presentations that they create


  • Quality

  • Set of 150-400 high-quality structural elements that conform with the client’s CD guidelines
  • The library consists of concepts, content elements, images, etc.
  • The library helps make any presentation more uniform and more visually appealing

  • Time

  • Depending on the client’s specifications, a project requires four to six weeks
  • Client can construct templates using a portal
  • Biggest time saver for PowerPoint users

  • Price

  • Price depends on scope and topic areas