Mekko Graphics 6

An add-in for PowerPoint for creating data-driven charts more quickly


… wants to present monthly reports in a uniform and clear manner and to save time in their creation


… wants to help number-crunching knowledge workers be more productive

Head of Marketing

… wants to help colleagues communicate their data-heavy market analysis more clearly


  • Quality

  • Mekko Graphics creates various types of chart with speed and precision, among them waterfall, mekko, and fish tank charts
  • Integration of the corporate colors
  • Excel update integration possible

  • Time

  • Implementation according to individual requirements in two weeks
  • Local installation
  • Knowledge workers will be 20 to 40 percent more productive when creating data-driven PowerPoint presentations

  • Price

  • Individual licenses with a sliding discount scale (we are the distribution partner for Europe, so please ask us about this)
  • Annual licensing fee
  • Tutorials available, and these can be expanded to include in-house training