Product Presentation

First communicate the USP of your product from the customer’s perspective – then present arguments that back up this USP


… wants to create a vision that is in overall harmony with the product identity

Head of Product Management

… wants the story told by the sales team to correspond more closely with what is in the product presentation

Head of Sales

… would like to get “ammunition” for the sales team’s meetings with customers


  • Quality

  • 1st day (daytime): After determining the structure of the topic, the logical storyline is worked out together with its potential graphical presentation
  • 1st day (evening): Creation of the final presentation at the computer
  • 2nd day (morning): Consultation with the client on the final presentation and incorporation of feedback

  • Time

  • In 24 hours from the initial idea to the final presentation with a logical story and great design
  • German or English

  • Price

  • Please ask