Creation of a technically sound template for PowerPoint with a modern look and feel

Head of Branding

… wants the PowerPoint master updated in a technically sound way to reflect a rebranding and/or transition to a new version of PowerPoint

Head of Communications

… wants a technical evaluation of the current master and, if necessary, for it to be optimized

Head of Marketing

… wants to see a redesigned master implemented in a technically flawless manner


  • Quality

  • Master evaluations are carried out by K16 (http://k16.de), our exclusive graphics partner
  • The master can on request be given an up-to-date layout that lends itself to websites and brochures
  • The master is implemented in a technically flawless manner

  • Time

  • PPT users save time on account of the technically sound implementation of the master
  • Redesign: around four to six weeks including final calibration with the client
  • Technical optimization: around six weeks
  • With VCT a new master can be rolled out globally in seconds

  • Price

  • Fixed price for the technical optimization of the master
  • Price depends on the client’s needs regarding coordination and on the time required
  • Time expended can be reported on a daily bases